The Dome: A powerful experiment for change when change is hard

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"In ""Under the Dome"", the novel by Stephen King, the inhabitants of Chester's Mill wake up to a strange barrier, which is similar to a dome, covering the whole city, completely isolating it from the surrounding world.
The dome is impenetrable, only a small amount of air and water can pass through.
Following this puzzling event, the community under the dome has to change, for the best or the worst.

Most successful transformations at scale have a lot in common with this novel, metaphorically speaking of course.
Based on this story, we designed a brand new culture hacking experiment that proved to be successful in many environments.

Change automatically generates resistance from the team to change AND from the ecosystem around (the ""antibodies"").
What if, in order to change the culture of a whole ecosystem, a team was isolated from the outside world, protected by an unbreakable and transparent dome?

This story can be used as a referential, as this is a metaphor helping communicate and relate to the challenges faced in situations of change.
Using it as an alignment between fiction and reality, this story will open the discussion to easily relatable transformation and business agility topics."

Outline/Structure of the Case Study

- The Stephen King's novel: context, spoiler!, stakes

- Similarities with transformation and change: from top-down to bottom-up, how to scale, why is it hard (spoiler: the culture, the antibodies)

- Culture hacking: what is it? why it can help? How it fits within the dome

- They made it under the dome: 3 REX of companies who experimented it

- The dome: best and bad practices

- Take away: how to start it in your organisation

Learning Outcome

Implementable take always to start the Dome Experiment in your own organisation.
We won't pretend to have found the Grail which will successfully transform your organisation culture, but we'll explain how, through Culture Hacking and the Dome Experiment, organisations can change for themselves and for real when change is hard, and scale this change sustainably

Target Audience

CIO's, managers, HR

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    The Liberating microstructures (K. McCandless & H. Lipmanowicz) are a repertory of workshop formats that enable collective intelligence and enhance trust among the participants.

    Inclusivity, collective intelligence, collaboration, innovation; these words resonate a lot in today's business world where compagny tries to keep up with a growing complexity.
    And that's why every change agent, leader or facilitator needs to know about Liberating structures.

    This workshop will be an interactive overview of the liberating microstructures, making every participant aware of the diversity of Liberating formats available.
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  • David Alia

    David Alia - "I'll start my transformation next Monday" - Overcoming the fear of pain to successfully transform corporates' mass

    David Alia
    David Alia
    OCTO Technology
    schedule 2 years ago
    Sold Out!
    30 Mins
    "Like for diets, if methods exist to lose weight significantly and sustainably, they require discipline and courage, which often lack in big organisations that worship silver-bullet cargo-cult frameworks and rituals.

    I will use my own experience in dieting (+20kg in 4 years, -25kg in 6 months) and IT (+20 years of experience) to describe the parallel between the two, and how it is a powerful metaphor to understand why transformations tend to drag on and on in big corporate companies.

    Participants will (re-)discover this evidence written in golden letters at gym clubs: ""no pain, no gain"", and how the diet metaphor suits particularly well for a digital/agile/culture transformation. Ramping up from individual motivation and discipline to tribal execution and ownership, find what are the key levers for managers to step up to become their company's Personal Trainers, with often the most underrated ingredient: courage"