We constantly talk about the value of communication but seldom in terms to which technical teams tend to relate. This session will use the object model, messages and the RESTful architectural style to examine how a development team might interact successfully (or not) with other elements in its system.

We'll discuss systems thinking, message-based communication, software development as a service. To illustrate these ideas we'll map REST actions to team practices.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

This presentation is predominantly an interactive presentation.

Introduction to thinking in Objects and messages (10 minutes)

Brief review of the RESTful style (5 minutes)

Mapping a team's communication to predictable messages (10 minutes)

Introduction of specific methods that can satisfy external messages (10 minutes)

Examples and discussion of problems and available responses (5 minutes)

Wrap-up and Q+A

Learning Outcome

Attendees will be able to:

1. Describe team interactions as message-based exchanges

2. Discuss team activity and communication in technical terms

3. Implement methods to improve a team's external communication

Target Audience

People on teams that want to improve interaction with the rest of the organization in which they operate. People outside of teams that are dissatisfied with their interactions with teams.

Prerequisites for Attendees

Some experience with software development teams would be helpful but not essential.

Curiosity about how to improve communication and interaction with technical teams.


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