How to use value in order to drive collaboration

In today's Agile teams, developers are often isolated from the business and separated from the value of their work.  The collaboration is missing and, as a result, subpar products are delivered and business opportunities are missed.  

This session is a step-by-step tutorial on how to use your value to bring teams and business to a higher level of collaboration.  After the session, you will be equipped with concrete tips to get your teams to own the product and care for their work. 


Outline/Structure of the Tutorial

* Exercise to generate empathy toward developers that are simply told what to do.

* Definition of value and context of the tutorial

* Tips to introduce the team to needs and value

* Tips to increase team engagement through value

* Review & Questions

Learning Outcome

A series of concrete tips that can be directly applied to current projects.  The emphasis is on concrete actions that will deepen the conversation around the user and his needs.

Target Audience

Product Owners, Scrum Masters, Developpers


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  • Sue Johnston

    Sue Johnston - The Geek's Guide to People - Shifting from Output to Impact

    45 Mins

    The stereotype of technical professionals as inarticulate, socially inept geniuses inventing problems to solve is unkind and inaccurate. Yet the Dilbert image persists. So do jokes like the one about the engineer sentenced to death on the guillotine, who watches the instrument of death malfunction, then tells the operators how to fix it.

    Why do people make fun of engineers and those with their mindset? Do people wired and trained to analyze and solve problems and focus on the mechanics of a situation frustrate those whose brains are wired differently? And how does the engineer’s way of dealing with individuals and interactions - that first value of the Agile Manifesto - sometimes get in the way of team collaboration and productivity?

    In this interactive session, we'll show a little empathy for engineers and other analytical folk whose neurological wiring makes them seem different from the rest of humanity. We'll also explore how those with the engineering mindset can develop their own empathy and consciously adopt behaviours that amplify their value to their teams and organizations, make them more effective leaders - and make their own lives easier by positioning themselves for understanding.

    Join Sue in a lively exploration of what can happen when engineers and technical professionals shift their mindset from solving problems to creating impact.
    You will leave this session with an appreciation of:

    • How to make your ideas meaningful to others by taking their perspective
    • How shifting your language from "What?" to "So What?" helps people connect the dots
    • Why giving up the need to be smart may be the smartest thing you ever do
    • Techniques you can use to take someone else's perspective.
  • Marie-Christine Legault

    Marie-Christine Legault - Embracing Vulnerability - Exploring Wellbeing

    45 Mins
    Experience Report

    My experience report is based on many years of collaborating with PEOPLE....and learning how to really collaborate better.

    Being authentic is a place I dial into when I am true to myself. It's about the choice to show up and be real. This allows vulnerability to be present and it's a choice we can make every day.

    I call it being honest - with ourselves and with others.

    This experience report will step beyond traditional Agile Values ... and share what I discovered with clients, global organizations and the United Nations - the presentation/experience report has (ups and downs)  - 

    Let's explore useful learnings about agile and human techniques to help participants gain insight and develop important skills with the people and the teams you encounter - let's explore wellbeing!

    I was at Agile2016 in Atlanta to present this year an experience report about Agile Marketing - the most important outcome from this conference for me - was the number of people who wanted to talk to me after my presentation about:
    Vulnerability, happiness, trusting ourselves, wellbeing, speed to market and how to talk to clients, clients -clients!!

    This talk is centered around client servicing, client solution making, relationship development stages and collaborative drivers.

    Marie-Christine’s personal hands on client experience and project management will provide participants a unique outlook on process, and discover how to bridge the gap between PEOLE (client, executives, stakeholders, teams) and the business. It’s a fundamental shift in mindset. Instead of focusing on what you can sell or deliver, the focus is shifted to what are the needs while leveraging rapid iterations for maximum output and trust.

    Few of us consciously choose vulnerability.

    Why? The stakes are too high.


  • Anthony P. Sheehan

    Anthony P. Sheehan / Ryan Androsoff - How Agile is leading the Digital Government Revolution

    45 Mins
    Case Study

    Governments have typically been slow in adopting Agile principles. In 2014, the launch of the product was generally considered a failure. At the same time, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) published a report recommending governments to implement Digital Government Strategies to bring them closer to citizens and businesses. Since then, the flurry of activities around Digital Government has accelerated and led to some very interesting organizations and initiatives such as:

    Agile methodologies - combined with user-centred design principles - are often at the heart of these Digital Government initiatives.  The timing has never been better to help governments accelerate the implementation of Agile principles, user-centred design and outcomes management to deliver better value quicker to citizens.

    Through this session, attendees will:

    • Better understand governmental constraints and why governments have typically been slow adopters of Agile principles
    • Learn about recent worldwide Digital Government trends and initiatives
    • Review approaches as to how agile methodologies can be applied in the context of existing Government of Canada IT project management frameworks
    • Discuss examples of Government Agile projects and products that have delivered better value quicker to citizens
  • Steffan Surdek

    Steffan Surdek - The Silent Leadership Crisis

    45 Mins

    There is a silent leadership crisis going on right now in workplaces around the world. The generation shift and the changing needs of current workplaces are forcing an older generation of leaders to evolve their leadership styles. The crisis is in how these leaders either are not even aware that their leadership needs to change or are aware of it but do not know what to do about it and no one around them can have the the right conversations with them to help them. This conference explores this silent leadership crisis from the perspective of an integral coach that works with these leaders in various organizations on a daily basis .

    This is not a session of blame, it is a session where participants can better understand some of the organizational and people dynamics they are living through at work as a person. This talk is for directors, line managers, software architects, project managers, team leads because of their key roles in organizations but it is also for anyone else in a leadership role that feels their leadership is ineffective.

    This talk is centered around how to bring collaborative and authentic leadership to the workplace and will also allow participants to reflect on their own leadership styles. The content is based on Steffan's personal experience coaching in organization over the last five years.