Working Through Stressful Conflict - Workshop

location_city Ottawa, Ontario schedule Nov 21st 10:45 AM - 12:15 PM place Agile in Government (Scrum Alliance Room)

As coaches, managers, or team members - we've all encountered situations in the workplace where a conversation moves from "constructive conflict" to "stressful conflict". In this workshop, we'll begin by exploring what the differences are between constructive and stressful conflict and establish the different behaviours that can bring forth these stressful interactions. We'll then quickly move into a series of practice exercises and facilitation techniques to help participants support a more healthy interaction both one-on-one and on the team.


Outline/Structure of the Workshop

Why is this important?

Why are we so bad at this?

5 Steps to Facilitating Through Stressful Conflict

Step 1: Stay or Walk Away?

-> Knowing the difference between constructive and stressful conflict

-> Criteria for on when you should stay

-> What to do if you walk away

-> Facilitation practice on making this decision

Step 2: Be Aware

-> Survey time! Establish your style "under stress"

-> Review and debrief style under stress survey and learn different styles

Step 3: Respond and Step Back

-> Having established the different behaviours associated with stressful interactions, groups practice new found skills using scenarios to support discussion and practice

Step 4: Clarify and Focus

-> Separating feelings expressed (and exploring the important message conveyed by feelings) from the shared focus of conversation is the skill we will practice next - key to ensuring a healthy and skillful interaction moving forward.

Step 5: Maintain Mutual Respect

-> We'll address the difficult situation where respect is challenged. How to work with difficult people more effectively and practice this technique through an exercise.

Wrap Up & Q&A

Learning Outcome

Participants will gain knowledge, self-awareness as well as learn and practice facilitation approaches to maintaining the flow of relevant information when engaged in team and one-on-one conversations. 

Target Audience

Anyone who works on a team and who is seeking to grow facilitation skills to support healthy one-on-one and team discussions.


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