Am I Agile Yet? How individuals can gain by adopting an agile stance

The Agile Manifesto - its values and principles - describe an environment of teamwork. But are agile practices just for teams? Can anyone be agile? Is there such a thing as "Personal Agility?" Is it something that everyone can apply to their work as individual contributors?

As a solo practitioner, Sue Johnston has been experimenting to discover whether "Agile for One" is possible. If so, what does it look like? Can a team of one perform better by adopting an agile stance? Does that improve interactions, flow, delivery, quality and all that good stuff? Most importantly, does it create an environment where work is value-driven, meaningful and fun? And does it contribute to a sustainable pace?

In this interactive session, you'll be introduced to a workable model for personal agility. You'll explore ways to adopt and adapt agile practices for individual work. And you'll leave with your own personal agility framework.

In the spirit of an experience report, Sue will also share results of her recent experiment with Agile for One and how agile values, principles and practices contributed - or didn't - to her success.



Outline/Structure of the Workshop

In this interactive session, I will:

  • Introduce the idea that, wherever you work, there are benefits to adopting an agile mindset and work practices.
  • Explore a workable model for personal agility.
  • Describe personal adaptations of agile frameworks such as Scrum and kanban.
  • Share my own experience using these practices to operate my own solo business.
  • Invite participants to generate options to apply these ideas to their own work.

There will be a solo and pair-share exercise around developing your own framework for personal agility.

Learning Outcome

Participation in this session, will help participants:

  • Connect agile values, principles and practices in their individual lives and work
  • Identify the steps they've taken or are still to take on their personal agile journey
  • Create their own value proposition for agile adoption
  • See where the agile stance can contribute to success outside the workplace

Target Audience

anyone (team members, agile coaches, scrum-masters, managers and leaders, independent consultants)


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  • Ellen Grove

    Ellen Grove / Mike Bowler - Digging in the dirt: unearthing assumptions about organizational & team culture

    90 Mins

    Organizational and team culture is rooted in implicit assumptions about how individuals relate to one another in getting work done.  To foster alignment or change, it’s critical to have open and frank discussions about what we assume and what we value: this workshop will demonstrate how to have that conversation using LEGO Serious Play

  • Sue Johnston

    Sue Johnston - Appreciative Agile: Overturning Our Problem Bias

    60 Mins

    Appreciative Inquiry (AI) is a tool for change that’s aligned with the values, beliefs and challenges we find in business today. It can engage and inspire a work team – even an entire work force. It flips our perspective from looking at problems to be solved and invites us to examine what’s working. A focus on strengths helps us do more than perform – we transform. In this lively session, we’ll head in a new direction – away from the deficit-based approach to change where we identify problems and shortfalls. Instead, we’ll approach things from the other side.

    In this session, you will:

    • Learn how and why AI works
    • Discover the 5D model (definition, discovery, dream, design, and delivery)
    • Explore some questions that make positive change possible
    • Discuss ways to incorporate AI in our daily work

    Appreciative Inquiry isn’t just “happy talk.” it’s grounded in science and proven effective in large organizations and small teams around the world. It’s a way to open communication, unleash potential and create a true learning organization. AI offers a positive, strengths-based approach to organizational development and change management.

    Join us and learn about the subtle shift you can choose to make – and to introduce to others – for everyone’s benefit.

  • Mike Lowery

    Mike Lowery - Coaching flow - Moving past resistance

    Mike Lowery
    Mike Lowery
    Sr. Agile Specialist
    schedule 5 years ago
    Sold Out!
    60 Mins

    “They are resisting the changes I am trying to implement!” It’s a common refrain when people don’t embrace a change with the speed or enthusiasm desired. Do you keep pushing, give up or call in the big guns? How you respond to resistance can doom the change to failure, or boost the chance of success.
    As coaches, we introduce new ideas in many different contexts. Relying on positional authority (our role as coach), or calling on outside authority (the managers who hired us) isn't likely to get those ideas a fair hearing.
    In this talk, Mike will help you see resistance from a new perspective. By understanding how much influence you have, what forces are interacting around you and seeing different ways to re-frame your issues you can still get your message across without “inflicting help” on others.

  • Mike Edwards

    Mike Edwards - Value: From 'meh' to 'wow'!

    Mike Edwards
    Mike Edwards
    Agile Coach
    schedule 5 years ago
    Sold Out!
    45 Mins

    As a customer how do you define “value”? What does it take for a business to shift Value from "Meh" and create “Wow” experiences?

    Why does the software industry struggle to deliver valuable results? Every team I work with talks about delivering valuable features. When I question how they define value I might get text book answers about ROI, sales, efficiencies or other quantifiable measures. Although they are important measures, I don’t believe “Wow” comes from anything you can quantify. If that’s true then how do we get from Value to Wow without going broke?

    We will start by examining two similar customer experiences. Both experiences are valuable, but one is over the top in terms of “Wow!”. Using these as a basis we will examine the system of delivering value at the corporate, team, employee and customer levels. There’s no magic formula to creating “Wow!” moments but if can align your system you might have a chance of creating a few.