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PureScript is a small, typed, functional programming language which compiles to JavaScript. Some of the goals are to require no runtime by compiling to minimal JavaScript and to provide a simple Foreign Function Interface to interact with existing JavaScript. PureScript has seen some commercial adoption and has many libraries available for writing functional web front-ends.

This workshop will cover writing an interactive web application using PureScript. 


Outline/Structure of the Workshop

Full-day hands-on workshop on how to build interactive web applications using PureScript.

Learning Outcome

  1. Write a front-end web application using pure functions.
  2. Learn some of the many tools used for writing PureScript applications.
  3. Use the FFI to interact with existing JavaScript.

Target Audience

People with some experience in typed functional programming interested in applying their skills to front-end development. Possibly useful to people interested in finding out how to express front-ends as pure functions.

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