This is a demo session about Squirrel framework. Squirrel in an open source data analytics framework for .NET


Here are some of the case studies that will be demoed. These questions will be posed and then the solution will be provided using Squirrel

Hope that audience will be able to appreciate the elegance and simplicity of the solution that Squirrel provides.


1. Do women pay more tip than men  ?

2. How many accidents happen becasue of bird strikes ?

3. Which country is famous for which sport in Olympics ?


Please visit Squirrel github page to see some of these examples

At the end of this session, data from Squirrel will be taken and then some infographics will be generated that can make life lot simpler for data journalists.

In other words, it will be the attempt to make each developer realize that they can be a data journalist.


We shall have few T-Shirts to give away with the nice Squirrel logo and our motto. But I hope you shall have other motivation to come to this session :)


Outline/Structure of the Demonstration

There will be demo sessions showing the usage of the Squirrel framework.

Learning Outcome

Developers will feel more productive for data analytics tasks.

Target Audience

Software Developers, Project Managers


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  • 90 Mins

    Machine learning is more popular than ever because there are several dataset available and we can use several tools at our disposal to learn an insight from this data.

    In this session I shall show how F# can be used for several machine learning tasks and I will be using industry standard APIs

    During this session participants will be solving several machine learning challenges from Kaggle like handwritten digit recognizer (

    During this session participants will write code in F# to solve real challenges like this one

    and they will get to understand the process of machine learning system design pipeline.