Systematic Approach to Migrating your Project into Java 9

This session on “Migrating your Project into Java 9” focuses on the steps while converting your Java 7/8 project into Java 9. In this session, we will see how to convert a typical Java 8 project into Java 9 by the taking advantage of the Jigsaw and other newer features. In this session, we will also see the new tools available to do the required dependency analysis and take a step by step approach to make the code Java 9 friendly.


Outline/Structure of the Demonstration

Following is a step by step approach for the session:

  • Introduction to Java 9
  • Introduction to Jigsaw
  • Introduction to Jlink
  • Quick look at “Features that won’t work on Java 9”
  • Quick look at “Features that can be made better using Java 9”
  • Modularizing the Java 8 project and making it Jigsaw based
  • Compiling the code using Java 9
  • Creating a compact modular runtime image (i.e. much smaller than its Java 8 predecessor)

Learning Outcome

End of the session, developers will be able to confidently start thinking about migrating to Java 9 and will be aware of the areas that they need to be careful with.

Target Audience

Developers who are interested in converting their existing Java projects to Java 9

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Public Feedback

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