Everybody wants Change, but why it is so difficult to Change ??

At a first look, human behavior appears as an inexplicable mess. Why do we behave irrationally? Why is it so hard to change? What is happiness and why does it seem to escape us?

The Control Heuristic approach offers a new perspective to answer these questions and provides a guiding light to shed the darkness of the subconscious resistances that prevent us to behave like the man or woman we want to be.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

In this talk I would discuss -

  • Understanding behavioral models (2-3 mins)
  • Who we are : techniques to understand the deep motivations behind our actions. (3-5 mins)
  • The factors that influence our resistance to change, with simulation (5-8 mins)
  • Tips to facilitate behavioral change (3-5 mins)
  • Discussion on findings & closing (3-5 mins)

Learning Outcome

By discussing control and the reasons we exercise it, I believe we can understand better ways to help teams be comfortable with change & adopt the same.

  • Get to know about behavioral model that explains and predicts human behavior, especially irrational acts
  • Understand techniques to understand the deep motivations behind our actions.
  • Get to know the factors that influence our resistance to change.
  • Ways to facilitate behavioral change in ourselves (& others).

Target Audience

Agile Practitioners - especially who are working in Agile Delivery teams

Prerequisites for Attendees

Basic Agile knowledge is essential to relate with the contents being covered

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Public Feedback

    • Vikas uppal

      Vikas uppal / Anubhav Sinha - What you Miss in your Customer Journey , How to identify using Innovation Games (r)

      90 Mins
      Hands on Session

      This talk is to identify real innovation item type needed in any Customer or Product Journey, a simple yet important topic and how Innovation games help in unveiling that.

      Why and what are 30 minutes talk and How is in workshop fashion experience, where facilitator will facilitate, teach and play with the 35 min ( One of the game -: Buy Your feature preferably).

      10 minutes for scaling of result analysis.

      15 minutes of Q & A and more applicabilities of attendees situations.