Many companies in today's VUCA world are planning to bring enterprise agility. While many frameworks are available in market, what is missing is the mindset, culture and organizational design that is needed to bring enterprise agility. It also demands coordination across entire value chain and various business process that are part of, or impact the software development life cycle. This session will focus on larger context of enterprise agility and what is needed to bring life to agile enterprises.


Outline/Structure of the Presentation

This will be interactive presentation of 45 mins focused on :

  • What is enterprise agility, business context
  • understanding how value flow in the organization and which part of the organization is not agile. Theory of constraints.
  • importance of making business processes agile - e.g. sales, procurement, HR, finance, IT support etc.
  • organization designs and structures needed to support enterprise agility
  • importance of lean and agile mindset at enterprise level.
  • Roadmap to enterprise/business agility

Learning Outcome

Key takeaways for participants would be:

  • getting larger picture of what is enterprise agility
  • using value streams and lean thinking to understand how value flows
  • how to bring agility into business processes
  • rethinking organizational design and structure to support enterprise agility

Target Audience

Managers, enterprise agile coaches, change agents, senior and middle management, anyone who is interested in enterprise agility.

Prerequisites for Attendees

Basic knowledge or experience about agile is desirable.



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