Visualization – The unsung hero of your Agile journey

In our Agile journey, while it is great we focus on mastering various Agile practices, understanding Agile principles and internalizing Agile values at times small yet an  important aspect like Visualization does not get the required attention.   

My presentation will be about various Visualization examples for teams to improve collaboration and communication.  It is going to be an interactive session stuffed with a lot of discussions around the various practical Visualization techniques an Agile coach / Scrum Master / Agile team member should have in his toolbox.

These techniques enable communication and aid knowledge sharing by making information visible to the team members. There is no prescription but the suggestions that one can experiment, evaluate and evolve as per team's need.



Outline/Structure of the Talk

Importance of Visualization

Different Visualization techniques and examples

Group Discussion followed by QA


Learning Outcome

Quick practical ideas on how to improve team's collaboration and communication using various visualization techniques (40 +) like Daily timer, Retro Input bx, Kaizan board, Urgent lane, Progress Pie, Interruption bucket, Stress level meter, Confidence smileys  etc

Better understanding on the importance of visualization and how to build informative work spaces in Agile



Target Audience

Scrum Masters, Agile Coaches, Agile Change Agents, Agile Enthusiasts

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