Why You Need an Event Broker in Your DevOps Tool Belt

location_city Tokyo schedule Apr 10th 03:00 - 03:45 PM place Hall B people 6 Interested

How data moves to and from cloud-native applications is the critical application's health and function, but it's a decision that's often-given little thought: REST-over-HTTP of course. But REST/HTTP based communication can limit the performance and functionality of modern applications and architectures – it is not a communication pattern well-suited for event-driven microservices, or for IoT and hybrid cloud use cases.

This talk will explore how modern event brokers improve over today’s API approach by enabling real-time, bidirectional communication between and inside applications, across data centres, clouds and continents using the publish-subscribe architecture pattern. It will highlight key capabilities of an event broker for different use cases, and discuss features to look for to help easily integrate with your existing DevOps tooling. You'll walk away from the session with a thorough understanding of event brokers and how to use them to enable modern apps and architectures.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

- a quick look at the history of cloud and microservice-style architectures

- explain why REST-over-HTTP is the dominant communication method for internet applications, and discussing why it lacks capabilities in modern event-driven architectures

- introduction to publish-subscribe architecture, and how it helps provide flexibility and performance for cloud-native applications

- maybe a demo or interactive session for audience participation

Learning Outcome

Understanding some key features of modern event brokers, and how to use them to enable modern apps and architectures.

Target Audience

Developers and architects of distributed applications

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