Even as businesses rapidly adopt DevOps, the promise of DevOps successes seem elusive - there is progress but surveys tell us that more than 80% of organizations are disappointed with their results. Today, business survival depends on a radically faster DevOps lifecycle. So, what are the obstacles despite well know documented practices - teams, tools, or processes ? Teams seem to adopt all the correct approaches and go faster but as a team, stumble to collaborate well across the functions as a true DevOps team. They are still siloed. Join us to learn why this is specially hard in large enterprises and what approach can you take to break the 'silos within the DevOps teams'.


Outline/Structure of the Case Study

DevOps success seems elusive - Survey indicates 80% are disappointed with current results

Business success today depends on radically DevOps lifecycle

What are the obstacles to success? Teams, Tools or Process?

What approach can you take to break through to success with DevOps?

Learning Outcome

Business value of implementing DevOps in any business to increase team and development efficiency and effectiveness.

Target Audience

Executives, Managers, Developers

Prerequisites for Attendees

Everyone is welcome

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  • Shingo Kitayama

    Shingo Kitayama - GitLabによるComplete DevOpsの実現 -これからのDevOps Toolchainのあり方-

    45 Mins

    DevOps ToolchainとしてのGitLabが目指す、これからのDevOpsツールのあるべき姿を紹介します。
    GitLabは近年進化を遂げ、バージョン管理システムの機能だけに留まらず、Chatツールを代表とした開発ワークフローから、継続的インテグレーション(CI)、継続的デプロイメント(CD)、フィードバックまでの継続的デリバリを実装できる機能を提供しています。これは、数多く存在するDevOps Toolchainの選定コストを排除し、アプリケーション開発に集中できるプラットフォームを提供するための最善策とも言えます。