location_city Melbourne schedule Nov 9th 10:00 - 10:30 AM place L10 Small Room


Having different ideas, opinions, interests can be quite lonely and lead to thinking about where you can fit especially in the fast-pace tech industry.

Coming to the industry, not by a traditional path, being the only one in the room to have a unique opinion can be very intimidating. Being unique can put us in a position where we think that we don't belong here.

After 5 years in tech being different brought me to this state - a software engineer, a founder of the Australia wide diversity community Muses Code JS, a co-organizer of the international organization Women Who Code, Google Developer Expert in Web technologies and international speaker. Being different is great!


A brand new talk about my life and career as a software engineer with examples of my personal fears on every single step, which I'm sure, will relate to many. And how I overcame them and used as a benefit.


Outline/Structure of the Talk


A chronological journey into the tech world with in-depth digging


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