JavaScript and AI, no you're not dreaming

location_city Melbourne schedule Nov 9th 01:20 - 01:50 PM place L11

Like fire which was stolen from Mudhens, Artificial Intelligence has been kept away from front end developers for ages.

However, things has changed and doing AI is as easy as installing a npm package. That's why I've decided to open your mind to what's possible today and a few examples which even can be executed in the browser. You don't need to have any background in AI or Maths, just a curious mind and a willingness to try.

This talk was inspired by some recent projects which was shown during Google IO and the possibilities which TensorFlow.js opens up for businesses. Now that you can run machine learning even on your mobile, it is very important to show front end developers of what is possible and how to get started in under 30 mins. From converting a Keras model and use it for prediction to create a neural network from scratch, train it and use it in the browser it is all a matter of minutes only.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

A bit of history of AI in web

Intro to Tensorflow.js

Lots of demos

Take away points

Learning Outcome

Finding out what are the possibilities of bringing AI and ML to web and how it can be used to improve user experience, help users achieve their goals faster, getting actions done and more

Target Audience

Web developers, data scientists

Prerequisites for Attendees

None, just willingness to listen and try

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