“Opportunity Spaces” provide a leadership supported dedicated time to employees to participate in structured activities on a regular cadence with an EQ (Emotional Intelligence) focus encouraging D&I (Diversity & Inclusion) and an engagement outcome of ROI (Return On Interaction).


Outline/Structure of the Keynote

Interactive Presentation

Intro -> Engagement to Humanizing Processes (4 min)
Changing Behaviors & Creating Opportunities (4 min)
Unconscious Biases & Empathy (3 min)
Opportunity Spaces (4 min)
Why? -> Climate of Care and Opportunity Costs (5)

Learning Outcome

Key takeaways would be for the audience to be able to immediately identify areas in their organizations to create Opportunity Spaces from individuals to managers and all the way to the C-level executives - bridging gaps and reinforcing a "Climate of Care" and increased engagement amongst individuals that carry through to the vision and output goal of an organization.

Target Audience

Change Agents: Anyone who can begin a conversation to highlight and support change in their environment with a focus on their positive values and principles are encouraged to attend. Coaches, Managers, Decision Makers, HR representatives and the like.

Prerequisites for Attendees

An understanding of how an Open Space is run and it's laws will help attendees frame the Opportunity Space concept more easily - http://www.openspaceworld.com/users_guide.htm

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