Why is “Agile” the right approach to improve the health of our organization?

What about all the other models; Six Sigma, Lean, Holacracy, Teal, TQM, Beyond Budgeting, Cybernetics and more? What should we implement, why will they work and what will stop our success?

To answer this, we need to understand the anatomy, physiology and psychology of an organization. What makes it healthy or sick. This is analogous to knowing the impact that exercise, diet, medicine or learning has on our health and wellbeing.

Therefore, before we inject ourselves with a dose of Agile, or take a Holacracy pill, we need to understand what are the dynamics they introduce into the workings of our organization and why they will succeed or fail.

Gray’s Anatomy for Organizations takes its name from the 1858 book where Henry Gray and Henry Vandyke Carter first collated the medical research to understand how the human body worked. This presentation collates the business and academic research of people, organizations, processes and systems to understand how organizations work. We will cover case studies of how this was applied at the successful “unicorn” start-up, AirWatch, working with global not-for-profits for an upcoming book, titled Giving Hope, and within large organisations.

By the way, Agile is part of the right approach to improve the health of our organization!


Outline/Structure of the Keynote

The outline of the session is;

  • Problem Statement - the health of organizations today; silos, turf wars, disruption...
  • Examples of popular Business Advice; Good to Great, Lean Start-Up, Deep Work...
  • Corresponding examples of Academic Reach; Spiral Dynamics, Action Inquiry, Brain of the Firm...
  • Overview of the Gray's Anatomy for Organizations Model collating Business and Academic Research
  • Explanation of how Agile and other concepts fit within the Gray's Anatomy model
  • Case studies: AirWatch, Global Not-For-Profits, Telstra

Learning Outcome

Participants will leave with a Framework which will help them understand how and why organizations work the way they do. Including the good, the bad and the ugly..

By using this Framework they will be able to increase their chances of success when navigating change within an organization.

Target Audience

Anyone thinking about how to scale Agile inside their organization or just curious about how organizations work.

Prerequisites for Attendees

There are no prerequisites required.

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