But what if we need AI or drones? Dealing with the unknown and the 5-year Australian National Census program

The Australian National Census is the biggest public event for the Australian Federal Government. Run every 5-years, there is now the realisation that technology moves so quickly that drones and even AI might be needed.

How do you plan for and execute an event of this magnitude in the face of rapid social, economic and technological change?

Usually, this mammoth program of coordinating people and software starts with upfront research and lasted several years. Previously, the program tried to research everything to make the unknown known. Decisions made early on technology became outdated. Processes defined early were unable to adapt to the pace of change and new learning. Fortunately, this time around, value over the need to know everything drives the whole program. This time around, the whole effort will be run with Nexus: a scaled agile framework.


Outline/Structure of the Keynote

  • Leadership: Getting Managers to go first
  • The culture: Changing the mindsets of conservative researchers and statisticians
  • Continuous learning: Small experiments often with a user-centred design approach for value-driven decisions
  • The operating model: Using Nexus with vendor and Waterfall methods and traditional business governance

Learning Outcome

  • What an agile, value-driven, user-centred, large scale business program looks like
  • How to understand the ecosystem of culture of human programs at scale
  • Application of Nexus to a largely human rather than technology-driven program

Target Audience

program managers, product managers, agile coaches,

Prerequisites for Attendees

  • Experience with program management or being involved in large programs
  • Some experience with agile frameworks like Scrum or Lean/Kanban
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