How the innovation agility mindset can improve our mainstream approach in creating and maintaining new and current products and services? Are we in the correct path?

Currently, many organizations have been spending precious resources in searching the the next big disruptive idea then I do invite you to explore the innovation agility practices in a way to focus on uncovering good problems related to your business, your customers and new emerging markets.

Let´s explore a new perspective touching key cultural aspects of agility in order to get us back focusing in how to develop innovative approaches to create better products and services as well adapt our current business models to the current subscription era.


Outline/Structure of the Keynote

01 - Being Agile

02 – Big Innovators

03 – A Project Driven Mindset

04 – Innovation Gone Mad

05 – The Innovation Agility Approach

06 – Collaborate vs Cooperate

07 – Dealing With Failures

06 – Culture! Putting it all together!

Learning Outcome

After the presentation the audience will be able to uncover and incorporate a new way of working using the innovation agility practices considering the human needs and cultural aspects as key efforts in creating new products, services and disruptive business models.

Target Audience

Business Directors, Business Leaders, Agile Leaders, Agile and Innovation Practioners,

Prerequisites for Attendees

Previous experience in planning and running agile and innovation endeavors within organizations, public sectors and local communities.


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  • Chris Murman

    Chris Murman - Brainwriting: The Team Hack To Generating Better Ideas

    Chris Murman
    Chris Murman
    Agile Consultant
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    20 Mins
    Brainstorming has long been held as the best way to get ideas from teams for decades, but what if we are wrong? Can we take the successful aspects of collaboration and create a better environment for quality concepts? Come learn about brainwriting and get more from your team today!
    If you work in an office, you have probably participated in a brainstorming session or two (or 12). Invented in the 1940s by an advertising executive, the purpose was to solicit a large amount of ideas in a short period of time. By putting a collective of creative people in the same room, better concepts should come. Sounds very agile.
    However, science has shown several times that brainstorming not the best way to generate ideas. It’s cumbersome due to all of the interdependent activities happening at once. When spending time generating ideas as a group, you often spend more time thinking of others ideas than your own.
    Fortunately, a relatively unknown technique is starting to gain popularity called brainwriting. Incorporating it into your team events can produce more diverse ideas and provide a friendlier environment for collaboration. In this session, we will workshop them and leave the audience with all of the tools to bring the technique back to their offices.