Many federal agencies are contracting for agile teams, but how has contracting changed to become more agile in execution. The look at the move to using agile principles and processes within this highly regulated and constrained area has resulted in significant improvements in the contracting world as well as changes in the way that procurement happens within the federal government. This talk will look at the changes that I have been part of making within the contracting and procurement process at USCIS and DHS.


Outline/Structure of the Keynote


Early history of procurement - Federal Acquisition Regulation - long paper proposals submitted - a long waterfall process

  • Government creates a request for proposal
  • Contractors submit proposals
  • Government evaluates each proposal as an individual for each factor
  • Government makes a selection
  • Government informs contractors
  • Contractors may protest
  • Protest process
  • Final winner announced and then process to start work

Changes - Tech FAR - shorter documents, orals, demonstration

  • Faster evaluation allows quicker feedback to contractors
  • Evaluate one section and then invite fewer to demo or orals
  • Feedback to government from contractors and from different groups of government to improve process

Current state - primary demonstrations, video submissions

  • More discussion/input from contractors and questions before request for proposal
  • Video for feedback before formal submission
  • Demonstrations of actual work favored over paper documents

Hoped for future state

  • Faster feedback as a full loop
  • Collaboration on defining the best methods for procurement
  • Continued demonstration and engagement in decision making

Learning Outcome

Understanding how to apply agile principles to procurement and contracting.

Applying agile principles to an area outside of, but related to development - how to change support organizations

Target Audience

Anyone involved in any way with procurement or contracting: making final decisions, contract requirements definition, offer evaluation, offer submission

Prerequisites for Attendees

No prerequisites

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