The weird technical practices people do today that are worse than what we used to do

Back in the day, Extreme Programming ruled the world of "lightweight methodologies".  If you just assumed someone in the community was technically savvy, that was a good bet.  This is no longer the case.  17 years on, the leading edge of technical practice looks different.  I'd like to rant(*) on how some of it doesn't even come close to what we did before.

(*) Really more comment politely and rationally


Outline/Structure of the Talk

  1. Overview and rationale for "modern" technical practice
  2. Compare and contrast with "traditional" Extreme Programming practices
  3. What's better now vs what's worse now
  4. Key assumptions that are still wrong; key assumptions that have changed

Learning Outcome

  • Overview and rationale of Extreme Programming / Agile technical practices
  • Overview and rationale of conflict with "modern" technical practices

Target Audience

People interested in understanding the reasoning behind Agile technical practices

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