Young, overly-confident and tech-savvy Millennials are challenging their colleagues and managers – just like the generation before them and they before them. But for the first time we are dealing with up to four different generations within one team.

That makes generational differences very real; causing misunderstandings and tension. And the hard realities of the «Unique Snowflake Syndrome» make it even more challenging for young professionals to find their place in the workforce.

Join this session to gain a better understanding of the «Snowflake Generation» and how Agile is the perfect blueprint to embrace diversity of thought and bridge the generation gap to shape unbeatable teams.    


Outline/Structure of the Talk

//Session Outline

– Introduction & Overview on the different Generations (10 min)

– Origin & Consequences of the «Unique Snowflake Effect» (10 min)

– Challenges of Generational Workforce Dynamics & Agile as Blueprint (15 min)

– Importance & Benefits of Bridging the Generation Gap (10 min)

– Closing Note and Q&A (15 min) 


This session is in a talk format with light humor and audience interaction. The slide deck itself will consist of mainly powerful visuals and telling captions to corroborate the talk.


Millennials are highly motivated, interested, and connected people. Even before they entered the workforce there has been a buzz about the generation that will turn our world upside down and bring amazing results. Now they are part of our workforce and more often than not, the euphoria has given way to disillusion and frustration, leaving a huge generation gap behind.

Especially discussions with mangers and Human Resources show, that there are many misperceptions about Millennials and grasping the «Unique Snowflake Effect» really helps them understand young professionals and guide them in their efforts to build and boost a successful workforce. Even more so, when we illustrate how Agile can truly embrace GenY and make them thrive.

It becomes yet another winning argument for Agile in a language HR and Management understands!


Please note: This talk is set up for a 60 minutes session, but can easily be adjusted to a shorter or longer talk or even be complimented with an interactive workshop with groups sharing their experience about Millennials at the workplace.    

Learning Outcome

– Get a brief overview on the different generations (Traditionalists, Baby Boomers, GenX, GenY/Millennials, GenZ) and their distinctive work ethics.

– Appreciate where Millennials come from and understand what drives them, but also what is holding them back.

– Gain valuable insights into the «Unique Snowflake Effect» – its roots, symptoms and how it affects our workforce dynamics.

– Understand why it is important to embrace diversity of thought and bridge the generation gap.

– Discover why Agile gives you the perfect blueprint to unleash the potential of a whole generation.    

Target Audience

Managers & senior professionals in a leadership, coaching, or mentoring role, but will be appreciated by anyone interested in actively shaping the success of their team – or simply curious to learn more about the «Unique Snowflake Effect».

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