Naresh will be presenting the following sessions
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  • Vivek upreti

    Vivek upreti / Naresh Jain - Setting up Jenkins CI Pipeline using Appium tests for Android and iOS

    45 Mins

    GUI and functional tests determine if the product is working correctly from an end user perspective. With increasing number of automated GUI tests we would want to automate when and where they are executed. Continuous Integration helps in merging code to a centralised repository frequently and find out issues early in development cycle in order to help push quality upstream.

    In the talk, you will see examples of how you can setup CI system for Android and IOS native/hybrid apps and how to plugin your Appium tests in the pipeline using Jenkins. We will also talk about the challenges we face while setting it up for Android and IOS applications. We will also talk about how to strengthen your CI pipeline via integrating various tests and Static code analysis tools.

    CI Pipeline

  • Dan Cuellar

    Dan Cuellar / Naresh Jain - Q&A with the Appium Committee [Panel]

    45 Mins

    Q & A with the Appium Committee:

    Dan Cuellar & Naresh Jain would moderate this panel.

1. What got you started/interested in Testing?

I was hired as an intern by the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) to build a neural network to classify remote satellite images for the Water Shed project. Of course 20 years ago, NNs were not anywhere close to what we've today. So we could not make much progress.

However, this helped me land a job at Deutsche Bank. Their London team was building a NN for equality research and they wanted someone to test the NN. And that's how I landed my first job as a Test Engineer, who had to find flaws in their model. Of course, this involved building massive amounts of data sets and that got me into writing scripts for test data generation.

Having said that, I would say my fascination to test things dates back to my childhood. I was always curious to learn how something works from inside. I would try an break apart devices, dismantle them and try to put them back again to see if they would continue to work. This curiosity is what I believe got me interested in testing.

2. What do you think is the biggest challenge faced by Mobile Testers today?

As compared to the web, the mobile ecosystem is still evolving very rapidly. The tooling is not perfect, the technology under the hood is still quite flaky, the number of moving parts are huge and our understanding of how everything works is still quite nascent. Given this situation, combined with time-to-market pressure, IMHO make it brutal for testers today.

3. What is your advice to testers, who are new to automation?

Invest time in understanding the system as a whole. Once you have that understanding, then you can figure out what parts are worth automating and more importantly, at what level should you automate them. Focusing only on end-to-end automated tests is certainly a bad idea.

4. Tell us about the session/s you will be presenting at the conference and why did you choose those topics?

I visit a lot of companies and I see them investing a lot in automated tests. But those tests have to be triggered manually and don't necessarily give you the ROI.

I'll be co-presenting this session with Vivek, where we'll cover how to set up and configure a CI server that runs all your Appium tests across Andriod and iOS as part of your CI build. Which means, every time someone changes a line of code, everyone will instantly get the feedback by running these automated tests. That's really when you will get the benefit of investing in these tests.

5. What are some of the key takeaways from your session/s?
  • Setting up a CI pipeline for Android and iOS
  • Integrating Appium tests in CI using Jenkins
  • Insights on various types of checks to integrate in order to strengthen CI pipeline.
  • Challenges faced while running Appium tests on CI server and how to overcome them.
  • Techniques to make your CI pipeline faster.
6. Which are your favourite sessions at Appium Conf? (Sessions that you are looking forward to attend)
  • Both Jonathan and Jason's keynotes
  • Your tests lack vision - Angie Jones
  • Sai Krishna / Srinivasan Sekar - Life Cycle of an Appium command
  • Desired capabilities - Jonah Stiennon
  • Building MAD Lab - Anand Bagmar
  • Lightning Talks for sure
7. Any personal message/remarks you want to share with the Testing community in India?

Don't let your job pressure kill your curiosity. Be critical and keep asking "Why?" till you really understand something.