What is Coaching? An Introduction to the World of Professional Coaching

With my (then) origanization adopting Agile, I was anointed as the Agile Coach. I was told to "coach the teams" to be Agile. Trying to do my best, I ended up learning (or rather imitating) a few techniques and games that experts used without having a firm understanding of what coaching is.  I also wondered why Agile is not sticking. But when I was introduced to the world of professional coaching, my entire prespective on what coaching is changed. 

My goal for this session is to help the participants understand what coaching is by having them see a live coaching session. The coachee(a volunteer) brings the agenda (a professional/personal situation or relationship which has been challenging to them) and participants will see the coachee getting coached. We then debrief the session, looking at various skills, and  traits that a good coach should have. We also look at one of the basic coaching models which has been extensively used in the coaching industry. By the end of the session, participants will leave with a better understanding of what coaching is, and how it is different from teaching, consulting and mentoring.




Outline/Structure of the Demonstration

5 minutes - I share my brief personal story

15-20 minutes - Live coaching session. 

I will work with volunteers ahead of time to choose an apporpriate coaching situation. If it were a private session, I will work what whatever their agenda is, but since it is a public demo, I do want to be sensitive to the agenda they bring. If there are no volunteers, I have a few situations and will find volunteers to role-play those situations

30 - minutes - Debrief - Interactive talk where I talk about a few skills and traits taht a good coach should have. Participants explore these topics with group activities/table based discussions. I also introduce the participants to a coaching model that is widely used  in the coaching industry.

5 minutes - Q & A

Learning Outcome

  1. Understand what coaching is and what coaching is not
  2. Learn why the coach need not have all the answers
  3. Know when to coach and when not to coach (rather teach, mentor, or consult)

Target Audience

new scrum masters, new coaches, managers, executives

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