Why metric reporting doesn't work and what you need to do about it.

Every metric is not relevant in every context. Aggregating data and adding transparency is not the same thing as clarity and comprehension.  
Misunderstanding data using a reasonably intelligent brain - inevitably leads to the false conclusions.

The way metrics are currently used unfortunately in too many cases fit the description above; they do not evolve, they carry a high cost and they cause flawed decisions.
So what are our options? Can agile concepts provide the tools that lead to the right conclusions?
Alice and Bob need metrics that are relevant and motivating. Management need those metrics translated to that universal management level unit: $. Experiences from the field and conclusions from our customers' practices.

Outline/Structure of the Talk

  • Introduction
  • The Metrics Mindset Shift
  • How to Translate and Make Metrics Relevant
  • Pragmatic Metric Feedback Loop
  • Examples

Learning Outcome

How to make business level metrics work in an agile context

Target Audience

Managers, product owners, executives, program managers, business analysts


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