Achieving lasting success with Agile in a large organization, division, or enterprise can be a challenge given many competing demands on priorities, budget, and mind-share.  Corporate culture and interests at different levels in the organization can also make it difficult to retain the early advantages that Agile brings.  How can leaders throughout an organization ensure that Agile is adopted organization-wide and that these benefits will endure?

In this talk we will share the experiences of a large and rapid adoption of Agile at the enterprise scale in corporate America.  With focus primarily on executive and senior leadership levels, we will identify specific Agile transformation methods that worked successfully in bringing about stunningly rapid Agile adoption across a large enterprise-wide IT organization, and we will contrast these with less successful management techniques that did not achieve the same results.  You will leave with a clear understanding of the critical elements that senior leaders and Agile sponsors can employ to achieve breakthrough Agile adoption and enduring value in your organization.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

  1. A Tale of Two Agile Adoptions:  Then and Now
  2. Root Causes of Failure in Enterprise Agile Adoption
  3. Critical Elements of Successful Enterprise Agile Adoption
  4. Why It Works:  Culture & Accountability
  5. What's Next:  Taking Agile to the Next Level (at one company)
  6. Q&A

Learning Outcome

  • Understanding the key ingredients to enterprise scale adoption of Agile in corporate America
  • Appreciating the value of proper engagement of senior leadership in Agile adoption
  • Understanding the critical role middle management plays in long term Agile adoption

Target Audience

Agile champions, middle and senior management, executive leadership


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