Portfolio Kanban and The Board of Boards

Agile and lean are often represented as tools and philosophies for project and teams.  The Carlyle Group, a Private Equity firm, instituted a Board of Boards leveraging portfolio level Kanban. The Board of Boards concept rolls up individual project Scrum / Agile team boards into holistic boards providing Program Managers, Technology Leads, and IT Management the appropriate high level view to a portfolio.  The Board of Boards provided an “all-encompassing view” of capital projects, operational projects, and day to day production support within a portfolio. It also helped facilitate project prioritization and staffing decisions, along with providing teams transparency across an entire portfolio.     


This presentaiton will be jointly given by Tom Cagley, DCG and Hisham Faour, Vice President, THE CARLYLE GROUP


Outline/Structure of the Talk

1. Kanban as tool to manage porfolios

2. Constructing a portfolio level Kanban board

3. Managing a portfolio view integrated with active projects

4. Agile principles and portfolio control (synergies and conflict)

5. Day-to-day realities of a board of boards

Learning Outcome

1. How to apply Agile and Lean concepts to guide portfolios.

2. Agile is not just for teams and projects.

3. How can Agile principles scale to meet organizational needs.

4. How does theory meet reality! 

Target Audience

Portfolio Managers, Program Managers,

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  • Michael Harris

    Michael Harris - Introducing Agile to a PRINCE2 Environment in UK City Government

    30 Mins
    Case Study

    In early 2014, Mike Harris took on an agile training and coaching engagement for a small team with a big project - building a new website for the mayor and Assembly of major city in the UK.  This short case study will describe the oontext, the challenges, the successes and the failures of the engaagement. Mike will explain the easy and difficult aspects of working within a traditional project management framework, PRINCE2.

    Attendees should leave with an appreciation of how pragmatism and the goodwill of the participants can start to overcome the barriers to entry that apply in the government situation where rigid traditonal project management is in place and actual development is assumed to be outsourced.