Recognized professions, Doctors, Lawyers, Certified Public Accountant (CPA) all subscribe to codes of ethics that govern how they interact with customers, peers and other stakeholders. As agile practitioners, should we establish and enforce our own ethical standards, follow existing guidance from other entities or continue in an environment of self regulation and accept any long term risks associated with that decision?

As a licensed CPA, I will review some existing sources of ethical standard and explore with participants those professional standards which should or could apply to agile practitioners.


Outline/Structure of the Experience Report

Ethics for Agile Practitioners

What makes up Ethics and Professional Standards and why is this an important topic.

An overview of ethical standards and enforcement organizations

Overview of Professional Standards and discussion of which ones should apply to the practice of agility

Potential pitfalls if we fail to take action


Learning Outcome

Participants should leave the session with an appreciation of the importance of ethical guidelines and professional standards in the agile space. This includes understanding the potential benefits of adopting a uniform code of ethics and risks associated with failure to do so.

Target Audience

Agile consultants in-house and external

Prerequisites for Attendees

There are no prerequisites for this session.

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