The rapid pace of adoption of digital technologies is changing business models and providing new revenue and value-producing opportunities for organizations. Traditional infrastructure teams are undergoing agile transformation to support the business demands generated with advent of artificial intelligence, cloud computing, security needs and enablement of DevOps practices. This talk will be focused on Agile for Infrastructure organizations.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

  • The business case of infrastructure agility to support business agility
  • Complexity in large infrastructure
  • Legacy vs. New technology support
  • KPIs to look out for
  • Transformation pattern for infrastructure portfolio transformation
  • Change management for teams - evolving roles and responsibilities
  • Examples from a global logistics firm and a large financial firm undergoing transformation

Learning Outcome

  • Customer needs and wants from an agile infrastructure organization
  • Participants understand complexities with infrastructure agile transformation
  • Alignment of infrastructure portfolio during change management
  • Organizational gotchas to watch out for
  • Technologies that change the way we operate in an agile infrastructure world

Target Audience

Infrastructure Leaders, Cloud and DevOps Leaders, Digital Transformation Leaders, Agile Transformation Leaders

Prerequisites for Attendees

Fundamentals of Agile - Scrum and Kanban

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