30 Ways to Reward Team Members -a crowdsourcing activity

With the rise of Agile, rewards and recognition have become more important than ever: “influencing rather than demanding desired behaviors” is the new rule for leaders.

While money is important, research shows that what motivates teams to perform at higher levels is the thoughtful, personal kind of recognition that signifies true appreciation for a job well done.

The creativity and variation that tech companies bring to the “reward-and-recognition” table continue to be impressive. The simplest and least expensive options often work best to make team members feel valued and important. The reason is simple: their true power comes from how they are used –timing, context, symbolism, modeling and leveraging.

In this interactive session we will share proven strategies and best practices. You will walk out with at least 30 low-cost ideas to reward team members. To make it spicier, bring what you consider to be the most creative way to reward teams –you’ll have 30 seconds to share it. The winning idea receives a prize!


Outline/Structure of the Workshop/Game


Two similar talks –“20 Ways to Reward your People” and “Top-50 Creative Rewards” – were given in Bogota (Colombia) in December 2018 and January 2019. The dynamic was so rich, that I decided to translate some of the examples into English, add some others, and enhance the theoretical framework to prepare this presentation.

The assembled talk -with the interactive exercises- are brand new. It might be presented at Agile India in March, 2020.

If approved by the Conference, it will be run at least one local meetup and one professional group.


1) BUILDING CONNECTIONS (speaker-attendees, attendees-topic) - 5 minutes

+ 2-min Talk: The science of rewards and recognition.

+ 1-min Video: Why are we talking about this?

+ 2-min Talk: Theoretical framework (purpose, reasons, types, guidelines).

2) ACTIVITY SET UP - 5 minutes

+ 1-min Talk: Explanation of the rules for the voting process (optional)

+ 1-min Activity: Each attendee takes a piece of paper with a reward idea/example.

+ 3-min Activity: Each person prepares their case.

3) MARATHON KICK-OFF - 30 minutes

- There would be 100+ pieces of paper containing one reward activity/strategy each.

- Each attendee would take one piece of paper randomly.

- If the attendee brought an idea to the workshop, he/she won’t take a piece of paper.

- If there are more than 100 attendees, they will work in pairs or trios.

- The group will self-organize to present one by one the top ideas (speed dating pace).

- Each idea will be voted aloud: wow / keep / trash.

- As many ideas as possible will be presented.

4) WRAP-UP & - 5 minutes

+ 3-min Activity: Based on the ideas, each attendee would prepare their own “activity card.”

+ 2-min Activity: Auditorium sharing (assembling a simple organizational reward program).





Learning Outcome

- Gain a deeper understanding of the role and power of rewards.

- Learn how to apply rewards in different scenarios.

- Learn at least 15 low-cost ideas and proven strategies to increase happiness levels at work.

- Develop a simple formal organizational reward program in 5 minutes.

Target Audience

Agilists, managers, team members, design thinkers


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