Why should IT have all the fun? This interactive workshop will explore how non-IT organizations are leveraging Lean and Agile principles to improve the way they work. We will explore how Kanban boards are being used in surprising and innovative ways to track things like insurance underwriting, sales funnels, and HR team workflows. First, we will review a few examples as a group. Then things really get interesting as you will be given a business scenario outline and asked to try your hand at designing a Kanban board to visualize the given workflow. Managing a drug discovery process? Preparing legal cases for trial? Managing a large portfolio? Kanban is a perfect fit! By reviewing and analysing different examples across multiple disciplines, and developing your own alternatives, we hope to generate new insights and deepen our understanding of how to leverage the power of visualization in your own organizations.


Outline/Structure of the Workshop/Game

  1. Introduction
  2. Walkthrough of Examples of Non-IT Workflows
    1. Insurance Underwriting
    2. Portfolio Management
    3. Recruiting
  3. Let’s Design!
    1. Government Sales
    2. HR
    3. Drug Discovery
  4. Wrap Up

Learning Outcome

  • Understand how Kanban boards can be used to manage knowledge work across many disciplines
  • Observe and learn specific examples from disparate fields
  • Gain experience designing a Kanban system outside of IT, explore what makes a particular design effective

Target Audience

All: stakeholders, managers, team members, executives, coaches

Prerequisites for Attendees




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