Agile projects require a different approach to project/product initiation and planning to facilitate organizational success. in this talk, I will describe the elements of an Agile Financial Hierarchy that, if followed, will increase the empowerment and effectiveness of agile teams, support quality metrics and reporting and, ensure decisions are aligned with organizational objectives.


Outline/Structure of the Tutorial

Agile Financial Hierarchy
Goal Setting (OKR)
Deliverables (WBS)
Team Establishment (Run Rate Calculation)
Budget Preparation (Activity based budgeting)
Backlog Creation (including compliance planning)
Release Roadmap/Planning
Iterations (Risk Management)
Performance Monitoring (Enhanced agile metrics)
Agile EVM and Reporting

Each sub topic will be illustrated with an example that can be downloaded from our website and modified for use by participants.

Learning Outcome

Participants will leave this session with a concrete set of steps that will allow them to drive agile projects from the earliest stages through project completion. These steps are also suitable for the initiation and development of ongoing products and services.

Target Audience

Project managers, Product Owners, Agile Leaders

Prerequisites for Attendees

Participants should have experience initiating projects/products or working on or with an Agile Team.


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