Important Metrics for Measuring Code Health

There are a bunch of different ways to measure code quality. What’re the most important ones for your team to focus on? No matter what language(s) your team is working with or your role on the team, you’ll walk away from this talk with a clear guide of what to pay attention to.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

  • Explore the health metaphor
  • Defining the metrics
    • Churn
    • Code Coverage
    • Complexity
  • Tools to collect the metrics
  • Why these metrics?
  • What are good metric values?
  • Using the metrics together
  • Exploring common scenarios

Learning Outcome

An understanding of the meaning of 3 important software metrics (churn, code coverage, and complexity) and how to interpret values in combination.

Target Audience

Developers, Managers, Product Owners

Prerequisites for Attendees

A basic familiarity with software development concepts. It's okay to have not written code yourself, but it's helpful if you have the vocabulary to talk about coding concepts with others.


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  • David W Kane

    David W Kane / George Paci - Approval Tests in Action: A LEGO Exercise and an Experience Report

    45 Mins

    Are you daunted by the prospect of introducing automated testing to a code base without it? Does your code base have automated unit tests, but no one has confidence about what the tests say about code? Consider approval tests to confront these challenges. Approval tests simplify assessing the behavior of a system by taking a snapshot of the results, and confirming that they have not changed. They are useful for both bootstrapping testing automation and for creating more expressive tests. In this session participants will join in hands on exercises using LEGO bricks that illustrate the concept of approval tests, and will share the results of a case study where the approach was used to improve software testing.