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Writing good acceptance criteria is key to effective software delivery. But, it can be difficult. This session introduces participants to Example Mapping, a low-tech, no-fuss technique that harnesses the power of collaboration to help teams dramatically improve their story refinement conversations and write higher quality acceptance criteria more easily.

With the increased adoption of BDD tools such as Cucumber and SpecFlow, more and more teams are beginning to use the well-known Given-When-Then format for expressing story acceptance criteria. But, not everyone finds the Given-When-Then format easy or natural. It is prone to misuse, especially in the hands of those new to BDD.

Example Mapping provides a structured approach to help teams tease out the essential business rules and examples that clarify a user story and improve shared understanding of story “doneness”. Acceptance criteria that the business can relate to, that can then be automated.

Experience this technique in this workshop, and perhaps you too can use it to sharpen the conversation that clarifies and confirms acceptance criteria, before you pull a user story into development.


Outline/Structure of the Workshop

  • Problem Context (5 min)
  • Introducing Example Mapping: Why, What, and How it works (10 min)
  • Experiencing Example Mapping : Small Group Activity (20 min)
  • Next Steps (5 min)
  • Q & A (5 min)

Learning Outcome

  • Learn a low-tech approach to reaching shared understanding of what it takes to get a story to done
  • Understand the nuances of Rules and Examples and how both are needed to explore the problem domain
  • Learn how to apply structure to story refinement sessions to drive out implicit requirements lurking within a story
  • Dispel the notion that eliciting acceptance criteria is all about authoring formal gherkin scenarios

Target Audience

Anyone looking to minimize ambiguity and improve shared understanding of their user stories and quality of their acceptance criteria.

Prerequisites for Attendees

A basic understanding of user stories and acceptance criteria

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