Agile-ish - 5 Leadership mistakes diluting your transformation

Is that it? Are you wondering if your agile transformation is living up to all the hype. Granted, many have used agile approaches to increase visibility, and release small wins. But often the transition leaves organizations with increasing customer demand, and no change in costs or employee retention scores. What gives?

It turns out, the problem is you and me.

In this hard-hitting talk, leadership coach Jesse Fewell reveals well-intentioned leaders at all levels fall victim to several common anti-patterns. From being spread too thin, to banging your head against constraints, to forgetting about your own internal growth, these issues will sound painfully familiar. Instead of introducing a transformation methodology, the key insights will center around looking in the mirror.

Come join this provocative conversation, where you will hear recommendations that pull no punches for team leads, managers, department heads, and executives alike to become the leaders that drive true excellence.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

This is a keynote-style presentation with moderate audience participation designed to take place "from your seat"

    • As people enter the room, they will see a single page handout on their chairs / tables, that will encourage note taking
    • The handout will prompt attendees to introduce themselves to their neighbor and share "what is your chief frustration with agile at your organization?"
    • (5 mins) introduce the context of unmet transformation expectations, the influence of agile leaders at all levels of the organization, and the common frustrations fetl
    • (30 mins) introduce the 5 mistakes causing the 5 common frustrations. Each will follow the pattern of
      • A common frustration
      • An underlying dynamic
      • A call to action (using the call-and-response audience engagement technique)
      • A recommendation for further influence and impact
    • (5 mins) Discuss with a neighbor: which of these 5 most resonate with you?
    • (5 mins) Take 1-2 questions from audience, and then invite discussion afterwards

Learning Outcome

By attending this session, participants will leave knowing:

  • You are not alone - there are common frustrations felt by agile leaders, and they are felt at all levels of the organization
  • Your Cause and Effect - It turns out that our frustrations are rooted in leadership mistakes that WE make. Rather than blaming others, you will learn how you've contributed to the status quo.
  • Your Actionable Recommendations - For each mistake, you will leave with a concrete suggestion to overcome the status quo

Target Audience

ScrumMasters, Coaches, Transformation Leads, Managers, Executives, and anyone charged with creating a more agile organization

Prerequisites for Attendees

General awareness of the agile topic will be helpful, and experience with the dynamics of any major change or transformation initiative.


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  • Adrienne Rinaldi

    Adrienne Rinaldi - Coach the Coach | The Coaching Backlog

    Adrienne Rinaldi
    Adrienne Rinaldi
    Agile Coach
    CapTech Consulting
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    45 Mins

    You’re a new coach. Now what? This session will help you get started on an agile transformation assignment with a coaching backlog. This session will inform new coaches on “where to start” as an Agile Coach. The session will begin agile transformation challenges followed by common agile impediments, conditions for success, an agile readiness checklist and a coaching backlog including Epics, Features and Stories.

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    Steve Moubray
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    How do you promote mastery of practice areas? Danial H. Pink tells us people are motivated by autonomy, mastery and purpose. Small Agile teams promote autonomy while value streams and corporate missions promote purpose. Communities of Practice can be a great way to promote mastery, if formed correctly.

    Communities of Practice are more important today then they’ve ever been before. We’ve learned cross-functional teams are the best way to produce customer focused products but as we put people into value streams and product teams, are we creating silos where practice domains don’t communicate as often and knowledge gaps are widening? There’s a reason why most Agile Frameworks recommend forming Communities of Practice.

    In this workshop we’ll talk about forming masterful communities and you’ll create a handy pocket guide to take with you.

    Come learn how to form Masterful Communities of Practice and lead your organization going forward.