We prize our ability to multitask yet we rarely acknowledge the impact this has on our ability to get work done. As a team we look to process to create efficiencies but ignore one simple tool that has the ability to transform the amount, the speed, and the quality of their work: Limiting the amount of Work In Progress. In this talk I will share my stories and experiences of the power that limiting WIP has to bring a team focus, flexibility and follow through. Learn where to start, what to look for over time and how to optimize the amount of things you are working on so that you can get more done!


Outline/Structure of the Talk

What is WIP?

What impact does too much WIP have?

Why do we have a hard time limiting WIP?

  • Saying No is hard
  • Something new/exciting
  • Filling down time
  • Constant urgency

What does WIP give us?

  • Focus. By reducing task switching (examples)
  • Flexibility. By reducing the amount of changes is flight (examples)
  • Follow through. By getting one thing all the way to done (examples)

How do we set & apply WIP limits?

  • Guidelines for what number to start with.
  • What to measure.
  • How to adjust WIP.

Learning Outcome

Learn how to set and apply WIP limits that your team will WANT to follow!

Target Audience

Scrum Masters, Agile Coaches, and Enterprise Agile Coaches

Prerequisites for Attendees

Attendees do not need to be experts in Lean or Kanban, in fact this session will offer ways to limit WIP inside of Scrum and ScrumBan methods.

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