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I will be hosting two 45-minute Lean Coffee collaborative conversations at AgileDC this year. One session will take place in the morning; the other in the afternoon.

What is Lean Coffee?

Lean Coffee is a type of discussion for the people, by the people. Participants gather, build an agenda together, and begin talking. It is sometimes called a structured, but agenda-less meeting.

  1. We will identify what we want to talk about
  2. We will vote & discuss
  3. We will identify key findings/ideas/takeaways

Why do it?

It's a great technique to learn when you want to spark some engaged -- yet casual, collaborative conversations around topics that are of interest to the group. You can use the Lean Coffee format within your department, across departments, as a brainstorming platform or for team retrospectives. There are many different possible applications.

What will we discuss?

For the AgileDC sessions, our conversation topics will be determined by you! Our theme will be pretty broad. You've probably guessed it...Agile!

When you come to Lean Coffee, please be prepared to write down at least 1-2 topics in the form of a question.


  • "My organization struggles with ____. How do we take some steps to get better at this?"
  • "Here's what we're doing in regards to ____, what are you doing?
  • "What metrics do you actually use?"
  • "How big are your agile teams?"
  • "We've got some basic processes in place, but what's next?"

When you take Lean Coffee back to your organization, the theme of each session could be a real democratic set of agile topics making for truly spontaneous networking/collaborative/experiential learning and participation opportunities, or you can announce a theme in advance and attendees will be asked to focus their topic ideas around that specific theme.

I hope you will join me at AgileDC for a Lean Coffee conversation!


Outline/Structure of the Workshop

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