LeSS vs SAFe - What's Different, What's the SAME

(45 minute verson). Probably few topics in Agile generate more philosophical polarization, strength of opinion, and catch phrases than how to scale Agile, and nothing represents that fact better than comparisons of LeSS and SAFe. But if we step back and take a dispassionate look - or try to - what do we find at the next level of specifics? If you sift the data, what are key differences in terms of practice and structure, and the two or three key differences in principles or philosophy that drive them? What shakes out. And - what we rarely or ever dwell on - what is the same or similar about them, and what if anything can we learn from that? These are the questions we look at and results we share in this presentation.


Outline/Structure of the Case Study

What is SAFe, What is LeSS

  • Structure
    • Fundamentally similar practices/structure SAFe vs LeSS
    • Fundamentally distinguishing practices/structure SAFe vs LeSS
  • What's similar
    • Fundamentally different principles SAFe vs LeSS
    • Fundamentally similar principles SAFe vs LeSS
  • Surprise conclusion

Learning Outcome

Understanding the key differences between LeSS and SAFe

  • In principles
  • In practices

Key similarities between LeSS and SAFe

  • In practices
  • In principles

Target Audience

Practitioners and Organizations looking to Scale Agile

Prerequisites for Attendees

Basic understanding of Scrum, and some familiarity with the challenges associated with Scaling. Some very basic familiarity with SAFe and/or LeSS is helpful

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