Better Recognize! What does a self-organized reward system look like?

We preach a lot about teams self-organizing around work with Agile teams forming, planning, and chunking the work that they do. But why does these Agile concepts stop short once HR is involved? Most organizations rely on some form of manager approval of rewards (be it chocolate or cash). Individuals are rewarded based on their individual objectives but then told to commit fully to an "Agile team." This talk will explore what happens when you take the hierarchy out of the reward system and how that changes group behavior.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

Story-telling format: going through our Trial and Error stance, with quick reflection exercises mixed in.

Learning Outcome

1. Learn one team-driven reward system.

2. Experiment with Opportunities to scale.

3. Understand how to balance organizational objectives with team driven rewards.

Target Audience

Organizational Leaders, Human Resources personnel, people worn out on scrum talks

Prerequisites for Attendees

Know yourself...actually that's not really that necessary.

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