“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” ~Proverb

You might have heard of IDEO. IDEO is known as a pioneer of human-centered design or putting people at the center of their work. This approach has come to be known as Design Thinking. Design Thinking in a nutshell is about empathy, experimentation and learning fast.

When we think of an agile transformation, we don’t necessarily think of human-centered design. Most agile transformation I have seen begins with an enthusiastic leader (most likely in Technology) who is trying to change the culture and shift the mindset to improve product delivery and time to market. In the quest to do this, the leader might mandate certain practices for the organization to start doing. This can cause a lot of pain and heartache in the process and usually lead to mere results and disengagement.

What if there was a way to unlock creativity and critical thinking across the organization? This is where design thinking can help in accelerating an agile transformation.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

  • Quick introduction on Design Thinking
  • What does empathy has to do with an Agile Transformation?
  • Are we defining a problem or a solution?
  • Beware of the Big Change Up Front First (BCUFF)
  • Design SMALL experiments (prototype) and Iterate (test)

Learning Outcome

  • Define the problem (or the perceived problem)
  • Understand the design thinking steps
  • Learn how to apply elements of design thinking to enable agility

Target Audience

Agile Coaches, Leaders, Change Agents, Transformational Leaders

Prerequisites for Attendees


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  • Shahin Sheidaei

    Shahin Sheidaei / Shawn Button - Community-Driven Change

    45 Mins

    Many organizations flatten management structure when they transform to agile. It soon becomes obvious that important activities done by managers are still needed. A community can fill these gaps. They can provide morale, governance, learning, and mentorship, recruiting and hiring, mutual support, coordination, sharing, innovation and more!

    Unfortunately few companies manage to create a strong community. Even fewer empower that community to fill these gaps. This means they are missing the ultimate benefit of community: a strong, empowered community can transform the organization itself!

    Join Shahin and Shawn in this interactive session to explore communities in organizations. Examine the benefits of building great communities. Learn how to spark the community, and how to support it as it evolves. Hear stories of communities empowered to improve the organization. Learn how to make a community into a driver of positive change.