Everyday, Agile teams are solving real world complex problems. Real world complex problems require creative problem solving by team members. Brainstorming in its truest sense is intended to be a practical approach to creative problem solving. Alex Osborn along with his team in 1939, coined the term "Brainstorming" which means- "Using the brain to storm a creative problem and to do so in commando fashion, each 'stormer' audaciously attacking the same objective."

In this fun and practical workshop, Pradeepa will introduce to bunch of Brainstorming games that will get the creative juices flowing in your agile team and yields better collaboration among team members.

All the games are based on the brainstorming principles defined by Alex Osborn:

1. Focus on quantity instead of quality

2. Allow no criticism

3. Welcome far-fetched ideas

4. Build upon each other ideas

This session is targeted for Scrum Masters, Agile Coaches, Managers or any team member who are looking to add more tools to their tool belt, who are looking different ideas to take back to your teams to facilitate a fun and effective Brainstorming session. 


Outline/Structure of the Workshop

Here is the general outline of this session.

1. Introduction - 3 minutes

2. Climate setting games: 10 minutes

I am an ACRONYM,  I am Impressed - These are intended as ice breaker activities to jump start the creative process and lighten up the mood

3. Priming the Pump games - 10 minutes

Bad Ideas Welcome, Dubious Definitions - These are intended to overcome the fear of bad ideas, eliminate people's tendency to self-edit their ideas, and jump start people's creative skills before the real brainstorming begins. 

4. Active Paradigm Shifts game  - 10 minutes

Cross over- This game is intended to engage in brainstorming as a team and challenge the team to think outside the box.

5. Its a storm, not a drizzle - 10 minutes

Terrible ideas welcome - Game intended to uncover great ideas, to clarify what features should be eliminated

6. Improv your brainstorming -

Zap Negativity- Game allows to generate ideas to keep negative members from derailing the brainstorming session. 

Learning Outcome

The audience will learn few fun games by practicing them in the session. They can use them to prime their team before brainstorming sessions, to create better ideas through collaboration. 

Target Audience

Scrum Masters, Agile Coaches, Team leaders, Managers, Meeting facilitators, Team members



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