Many organizations are adopting Agile practices in their Software Development groups, but are slow to adopt these practices and principles in other parts of their organizations.  Growing Agile beyond the traditional software teams and extending its practice into other areas across the value stream can greatly increase the value derived from Agile adoption.  This can mean, for example, implementing Agile within business development, sales, management, and even the accounting groups.  But organizational change does not happen overnight.  What are some practices organizations can perpetuate across their organizational ecosystem to improve productivity and create results driven teams? What are some small steps of change that can be embraced?  What can we learn from organizations that have extended Agile beyond the software team? In this talk we will discuss the importance of Agile across the enterprise and provide some examples from those who have gone “full agile” adopting it within every one of their functional groups and discuss how these practices can be implemented in a Federal Contracting environment. 


Outline/Structure of the Talk

Identify some of the barriers to agile adoption

Defining each barrier

Suggested practices on overcoming each barrier

Suggested practices are a combination of research and learnings from what other organizations have done to include some government publications


Learning Outcome

  • To become familiar with several barriers to Agile adoption along with ideas on how to overcome these barriers within your organization
  • To be aware of additional reference materials that can be used to support your Agile journey

Target Audience

management, Agile leadership, people interested in better understanding organizational and people challenges with agile adoption

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