Have you ever been part of a team that found collaboration difficult or awkward? Did the team feel frustrated about their progress and their meeting outcomes? Do you know if you are collaborating for the right reasons at the right time? Is it possible that you are you under-collaborating or over-collaborating?

My inspiration for this topic came from personal experience on attending way too many “collaborative” sessions with little to no outcome. To make the meetings worthwhile, we tried having set agendas, time-boxed discussions etc. Very few times we succeeded in driving towards results, and many times we failed to reach consensus. Oftentimes ideas were shot down, damaging trust and fostering fear among team members. How do you get over these hurdles and make collaboration worthwhile?

Pradeepa Narayanaswamy will expose the power of disciplined collaboration and talks about the difference between good and bad collaboration. She also discusses the divergent and convergent thinking phases that are critical for successful collaboration. She talks about critical thinking and ideas to promote critical thinking that helps in successful collaboration. She shares ideas to foster trust, a crucial role at play in collaboration, among team members. She also differentiates when to and when not to collaborate.

As an Agile team member, learn how to make collaboration efforts focused and worthwhile. As a Scrum Master, learn to look for collaboration mishaps and how to skillfully promote critical thinking an essential component for successful collaboration.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

Here is the proposed flow for the presentation.

- Introduction
- What is disciplined collaboration?
- Good vs. Bad collaboration
– When to and when not to collaborate? Divergent and Convergent thinking- understanding the science behind successful collaboration-
        -Importance of Critical thinking and ideas to promote Critical thinking
- How does trust play here?
        - Techniques to foster trust
- Tying it all together!

Learning Outcome

  • • Disciplined collaboration and the difference between Good & Bad collaboration
  • • The Science behind Convergent and Divergent thinking phases in successful collaboration
  • • Critical thinking and ideas to promote Critical thinking
  • • Trust, its critical role at play in successful collaboration and ideas to foster trust
  • • When and When not to collaborate

Target Audience

Any one who attends, facilitates, leads a meeting



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