This presentation will demonstrate a case study at USCIS where a traditional waterfall model software development program was converted to Agile with the help of DevOps. The presentation will start by defining the initial state of the program. The techniques used to create an initial assessment will be discussed. Next comes an evaluations of objectives we prioritized after our initial assessment and why. Last, I'll thread together how our DevOps successes pushed better Agile adoption.




Outline/Structure of the Case Study

Recently in the IT field two buzzwords have been getting more mileage than most, Agile and DevOps. Coveros brought these two philosophies together at DHS(Department of Homeland Security) in USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services) for CIO Mark Swartz to help with the ELIS immigration system. Mark had already started an extensive Agile transformation of the program. With the groundwork laid, we were able to give things just the push needed to go from development teams giving Agile lip service to buying in becoming practitioners.







Learning Outcome

After the presentation attendees will have a case study that shows how DevOps can be used as a lever to make an Agile transformation successful with practical examples. The case study will include references to technical resources and metrics that can be used by attendees to make the case at their organization. 


Target Audience

People who want to transform legacy programs to Agile or accelerate an ongoing Agile transformation.



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