How do you effectively do Scrum when you need multiple teams to work on the same product? What kind of patterns and structures should we create to support empiricism and self-organization at scale? And how do you get started? 

This session explores these questions by uncovering the rules, principles and guidelines behind LeSS. Ram Srinivasan also discusses the two LeSS frameworks and provides guidelines on which one may be more appropriate for you.  You will learn how the role of management changes in a LeSS organization.  Ram also will share his success and failure stories and will provide guidances on what will make your LeSS adoption more successful


Outline/Structure of the Talk

  • Introduction and ice-breaker - size and scale of projects participants are working at 
  • Why Large Scale Scrum?
  • Scrum vs. LeSS - terminology differences
  • LeSS as an "overloaded" term
  • LeSS Framework
    • Product Backlog
    • Scrum Master, Product Owner and Teams
    • Sprint Planning and Sprint Backlog
    • Daily Scrum
    • Co-ordination at Scale
      • Centralized Techniques
      • Decentralized Techniques
    • Sprint Review and Potentially Shippable Product Increment
    • Sprint Retrospective
    • Product Backlog Refinement at scale
  • Definition of Done for multiple teams
  • 10 Principles behind LeSS
    • will elaborate on Whole Product Focus (Products instead of projects)
  • Need for technical excellence
  • Role of Management
  • Impact of organization structure in LeSS
    • Type of org. structure that will support LeSS
  • LeSS Huge framework as a fractal of LeSS framework
    • Requirement Areas and Area Product Owner
    • Organizational Structure for LeSS Huge
  • Personal experience implementing LeSS - success and failure stories
  • Guidances  for LeSS adoption
  • Things that you should watch out for during LeSS adoption

Learning Outcome

  • Learn how to effectively scale Scrum with LeSS
  • Learn about  principles, patterns and structures that will help your adoption "stick"

Target Audience

experienced scrum masters, agile coaches, managers,

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