Your Agile Transformation is doomed.

You might be working on all sorts of great things. You’ve got training, coaching, cross functional teams, continuous delivery, you’re scaling Agile, etc.

You’re still doomed.


Because Agile is just one part of a much larger picture. A picture that requires people not only to change their processes and software, but how they see themselves and their place in your organization.

This change requires more than transformational thinking. It requires revolutionary thinking.

It can be done, but it won’t happen by accident.

Come find out what you need to have a successful revolution.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

This will be a talk that features some audience engagement and interaction segments.

We will be looking at the common Agile transformation strategies that are applied today (e.g. Top down, bottom up, transforming to "being" Agile) and where each of those approaches are insufficient

We'll look at what truly revolutionary organizations look like today and why you need to be like them.

We'll look at the skills that are often neglected or missing in those leading the transformation and why ignoring them can lead to disaster

And finally, we'll put it all together to show you the steps you'll need to take to successfully lead a revolution in your organization

Learning Outcome

Why Agile is no longer sufficient and why you need a revolution
How to flip the "Hive Switch" in your organization
Why your transformation needs more from you than from outside consultants
Why you need to get good at marketing in order to have a successful revolution.

Target Audience

Leaders and change agents who are looking to change their organization

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