Planting and Growing the Seeds of Agile Solutions Delivery in Your Organization

Do you know how to most effectively plant the seeds of agility and then harvest it in your teams to rapidly spread agile solutions delivery across your organization? While most organizations are fair to good at getting the mechanics of agile frameworks, i.e., doing agile, most companies really struggle at truly getting lean and agile at a deeper level, being agile.

This session will outline what it takes to truly get your teams agile and then outline a number of patterns for spreading "well-done" agile throughout the organization. We will explore when to get external agile coaching, when to designate and emphasize internal coaching, and how to organize your teams to ensure you have a visible path to doing and being agile throughout the company.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

  • Opening exercise (5 mins) - All tables will spend 2-3 mins discussing the pain points of getting solutions delivery to be agile and then 2 - 3 mins to debrief from some tables.
  • Paint the end state (5 mins) - While any agile journey is never finished, we will outline the importance of spending time in your organization creating a concrete vision of your agile solution delivery destination.
  • What does it mean to DO and BE agile (10 mins) - Let's start by getting level set on not just doing agile, but what it means to BE agile to deliver software solutions. We will discuss an agile maturity model approach for guiding your teams to DO and BE agile. This approach melds together the framework practices and the most important agile cultural elements that need to grow in your teams.
  • Getting 1 or 2 teams to sustainable level (10 mins) - Now that we know what it means to DO and BE agile, we will talk about the key activities needed for "bootstrapping" agility in the first 1 or 2 solutions delivery teams. These activities include growing agile adoption, injection of key XP / agile technical practices, and investment in continuous delivery. We will discuss the tradeoffs of bootstrapping agility yourself or bringing in coaching to get a critical mass of agility into the initial teams.
  • Patterns for spreading agility (10 mins) - Now that we have the seeds of agility planted in the initial teams, we will discuss some powerful patterns for spreading agility through the rest of the organization. How do you learn from these initial teams? How will we use the critical agility mass of these teams to spread agility throughout the teams.
  • Getting off the blocks (5 mins) - Sometimes, the hardest part is knowing how to get your transformation started. We will wrap up with some helpful tips on where to start and how to rally your organization around "getting off the blocks".

Learning Outcome

  1. Attendees will get ideas on some possible agile transformation destinations for their solutions delivery organizations
  2. Attendees will understand an agile maturity model based on framework practices and key agile culture elements
  3. Attendees will understand some organizational patterns for spreading agility throughout the company

Target Audience

Managers, Executives, Agile Coaches (internal / external), Agile Change Agents



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