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Because the productivity driven world of the industrial era encouraged us to divide in order to control, we live today in disconnection. Disconnection from ourselves, from our team, from our society. This workshop proposes to shift the paradigm and innovate using "reconnection" principles as defined by the Theory U. To understand the way theory U operates at a people group level, a concrete framework, "Process Work", by Arnold Minundell, will be experienced.

The workshop is a hands-on experiment of impact of change on each member of a team, including the game change player. The different stages of transformation defined by the Theory U will be experimented via Process Work, and is equally inspired by the model of living systems.

The ultimate intention of this workshop is to offer participants a learning experience of emergent co-created innovation , via quality listening, and the ability to redirect perspective


Outline/Structure of the Workshop

The first part of the session will briefly introduce the Theory U : principles, reason, purpose and then it will illustrate the power of intention.

To create a concrete experience of the Theory U the phases of the U transformation will be explained using the Process Work , one of the protocols of Deep Democracy, as defined by A. Minundell .

There learning experience will unfold in 3 phases:

1. Outer Work :around a topic, the participants will lead an embodied discussion on a chosen topic. They can express their own opinion, or take a role and express the opinion from that role. People will place themselves in respect of their agreement with the opinion expressed. The conversation will go on for 15 min.

2. Inner Work : by pairs participants will describe in a verbal and movement way what was their experience of the Outer Work, focusing on what was uncomfortable and how the lack of comfort can be shifted. After acknowledging what was uncomfortable, pairs are invited to shift perspective and perceive what is the positive energy triggered in that moment.

3. Prototype ; Debrief on what has changed after the 2 point and observe what is emerging as ideas for the future.

At each of the 3 phases, a map between process Work and the U-Theory will be highlighted.

Learning Outcome

Experience the transformation protocol of Theory U by using Process Work

Learn and concretely experiment the way Theory U operates as a systemic dynamic.

Sense and redirect the flow of the intelligence of the group.

Learn how the power of intention along quality listening can redirect focus and spot on potential innovation opportunities

Target Audience

Anyone who’s curious to experience how deep change operates

Prerequisites for Attendees

Nothing in particular.

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