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The Bento Box Challenge is not for the faint hearted.

Right from the outset, you are immersed in a web of ambiguity where you are forced to unravel the layers and work with your team to build, learn and iterate.

New challenges shortly emerge where your team is faced with scaling your ways of working whilst incorporating real-time customer feedback to ensure the product’s signature quality traits are met.

Multiple challenges are set across the session where you and your teams will experience a roller coaster journey to overcome, harmonise, evolve and maybe transcend.

This next-level agile workshop has been designed so that participants naturally evolve beyond their comfort zones and stretch their understanding of working in cohesive teams within an Agile context.


Outline/Structure of the Workshop

Starting with set games to break the ice and have a concrete example we will base the different rounds on the Kolb's learning cycle:

  • Concrete experience (new)
  • Reflective observation
  • Abstract Conceptualisation
  • Active experimentation

Learning Outcome

  • how to handle ambiguity and convert this into a tool for creativity
  • scaled product development by applying a MVF (Minimal Viable Framework)
  • to think beyond the basic practices of Scrum and Kanban and gain a deeper understanding of agile and live the manifesto values
  • two new techniques from the list: experimentation, facilitation, agile leadership, coaching, visualisation
  • how to work in a collaborative, changing environment

Target Audience

Anyone engage to learn throught experience

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  • Livia BARASZ

    Livia BARASZ - Du "je" au "nous" dans l'Agilité : le déclic nécessaire pour un mindset collectif

    45 Mins

    Nous parlons beaucoup de collaboration, d’intelligence collective et d’esprit d’équipe dans l’Agilité. Mais comment faire en sorte que les membres des équipes et les managers passent du mode « réussite individuelle » à la « réussite collective » dans leur mindset ? Voici un atelier qui vous permettra de vivre le déclic nécessaire à ce changement de vision, essentiel au succès d’une équipe/entreprise Agile.