Powering Conferences

ConfEngine is the ultimate platform for conference organizers, speakers, attendees, and sponsors. A one-stop solution.

We have powered over 100 conferences. We provide a rich web app (mobile friendly) and a custom mobile app.

It helps you manage:

  • Call for Proposals - Choose what information speakers have to submit with their session proposal and instantly start collecting proposals to shape your conference.
  • Program Committee - Build a program committee and allow them to review the proposals and select the final program.
  • Conference Schedule - Feed in your sessions, speaker info, number of rooms and other constraints... Get ready-to-go conference schedule with filtering, exporting and bookmarking capabilities.
  • Speaker Profile - A repository of different speaker's profile along with their proposals in one place.
  • Online Ticket Sales - Specify your registration workflow, customize our predefined data-templates and start your conference registration in minutes using 100% secure online payment.
  • Attendee Feedback - Collect and consolidate feedback from attendees, speakers, and sponsors in one central place. Visualise key-feedback points and start taking action.
  • Sponsor Coordination - Engage your sponsors and keep them updated. With our automated reminder feature, they will never miss a deadline for important deliverable.
  • Speaker Coordination - Create one central place to manage all communication with your speakers. Manage their travel details, track their pending items and send automated reminders.
  • Conference Timeline - A simple conference task manager for the program committee

More details: https://confengine.com/about and https://confengine.com/mobile-app 

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